Need a pick-me-up? Think about heading to a cat café for some coffee and quality time with sweet animals.

Cat cafés are popular in dense cities like Tokyo and Seul where owning a pet may be impractical or downright forbidden by apartments. The concept quickly spread to include man’s best friend and some more unusual animals.

If time with dogs and cats doesn’t it cut it for you, you might need to try one of these cafés with more exotic critters.

Owl café

Akiba Fukurou

Tokyo Japan

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Each visitor to this café gets an owl perched on their shoulder or arm. Sometimes, an owl will even climb on someone’s head. While it’s called a café, there are no food or drinks allowed. The experience is quiet and cozy. Guests say the facility is clean and, because only a few people are allowed at a time, your hour spent with the owls feels personal. The staff even takes complimentary pictures of you with the owls that they print for you.

Raccoon Café

Blind Alley

Seoul, South Korea

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Raccoon cafes are for the adventurous as journalist Elise Hu discovered.

“I’m most concerned about ‘please say no when raccoons biting on you.’” Hu said while reading the rules for Blind Alley Raccoon Café.

“Do raccoons know no means no?”

Good question Hu.

The answer seems to be no– they don’t know no means no. They snatched one of Hu’s recorders and proceeded to destroy it.

The café itself has mixed reviews. Some people loved it, others, not so much. If you choose to go, leave your valuables at home.

Sheep Café

Thanks Nature Café

Seoul, Korea

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Despite being called cafés, most pet cafes don’t serve drinks or food. Usually, there is a vending machine with bottled drinks or no drinks at all. That’s not true of Thanks Nature Café. Patrons talk about the quality of the drinks as well as the cute fluffy sheep.

Thanks Nature Café keeps 2 one-year-old sheep on the premise at a time. This café is also usually quiet– setting it apart from most pet cafes, which are frantic and overcrowded.

Penguin Bar

Penguin Bar Fairy

Okinawa, Japan

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Penguins already look like they’re wearing a tuxedo, so a bar setting just makes sense– or so the logic goes at this bar in Japan.

Penguin Bar Fairy lets people feed the penguins once an hour. The food and drinks are decent, if pricy and the atmosphere is laid back. A few reviewers mentioned that the penguin enclosure looked a little small for the 4 penguins but was clean.

Bunny & Otter Café

Mimi (Usagi Café)

Ikebukuro, Japan

Fluffy cuddles await you at this bunny, and recently otter, café. Unlike most bunny cafés that have pens or cages, Mimi lets its fluffy occupants roam freely. Visitors are given an apron to wear and an hour with the soft and sweet critters.

If bunnies aren’t snuggly enough, Mimi also has a room full of otters. The otters tend to be more outgoing than the bunnies. Either way, you’ll be overwhelmed with cuteness.

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