Graffiti (Rainbow) Falls has long been a controversial destination for photographers and explorers alike.

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Right beneath a major thoroughfare near Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs, you will find a dirt path with a few cars pulled off to the side. After a short walk up a dirt path with water passing by on your left, you are greeted with out of place graffiti on the hillside and stones. Make your way up the path a little more and you will see a wide opening of water and a bridge that has been turned into a canvas (legally or not) for the local art community.

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This has caught the attention of many travelers and locals to come photograph, hangout, and see the artwork in person. However, it’s in continual rumor the Manitou wants to remove the graffiti work because it’s a defacement of nature. Rainbow falls was sacred to the Ute Indians and a tourist attraction to pioneers. Whether you agree this is defacement, or respect it as a tourism opportunity, you need to see this before it’s gone.

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