There’s a highway in Colorado that’s over 100 years old and is dangerous to drive, but it also has some of the best fall scenic drive views.

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Built in the 1880’s as part of the San Juan Skyway, the Million Dollar Highway crisscrosses the mountains between Silverto and Ouray. The two-lane road is less like a highway and more like a well-paved backroad. Steep side drop-offs are enough to raise the hairs on anyone’s back– but the views are incredible. The lack of a guard-rail provides unobstructed views for miles and arguably the best time to drive it is October, when fall colors are in full force.

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This is definitely not for novice drives– or anyone who gets nervous easily. Hairpin turns and tight passes are common. The road is open year-round, but snowfall starts in October and lasts throughout winter. Come prepared with a winterized car if you want to drive this road in the winter.

No one is sure where the name the “Million Dollar Highway” came from, but it sure is a gorgeous ride.

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