Experience an infinite room of pumpkins

This infinity room experience is quick, all absorbing and a great way to understand modern art. Yayoi Kusama’s infinity mirror room All of the Eternal Love I Have for Pumpkins sets the participant in a room of never ending pumpkins. The exhibit is at the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) and it’s an experience worth checking out.

"All of the Eternal Love I Have for Pumpkins" by Yayoi Kusama at the Dallas Museum of Art. Photo by Vivian Farmer.

On the outside, the infinity room is a simple white box, making the experience of walking into the pumpkin room akin to walking into a magical closet. The room is so small that you can reach out and touch the walls (but don’t do that!). You only get 45 seconds in the room, which is how the artist intended it, so have your phone or camera ready. But don’t forget to take a moment and look out into the infinite stretch of polka dotted pumpkins before you.

Yayoi Kusama is most famous for her use of polka dots and for having vivid hallucinations from a young age. Kusama embraced what she saw and learned from her hallucinations to create mirrored infinity rooms and large installations with her signature polka dots along with many other forms of art, including poetry and prose.

Kusama’s bright installations usually sell out fast. The DMA’s hosting All of the Eternal Love I Have for Pumpkins until February 25. Tickets cost $16 per participant. Two people at a time enter the room, all children 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult and an adult holding a child counts as 2 people.