Benny checks out my camera in Klyde Warren's dog park.
Benny checks out my camera in Klyde Warren’s dog park.

We love dogs here at Pooches are welcome in the office and we’re always looking for places that are dog friendly here in Dallas. There is almost nothing more heartbreaking than leaving your furry friend cooped up all day, but luckily, Dallas is a dog friendly city with plenty of places for you and your best friend to play, dine, and enjoy the city. Here are a few of the best places that accommodate people and pets alike.

White Rock Lake


The entire lake is a good spot to walk your dog but there is a dog park with a special feature that will keep your pet cool even on the hottest of days.

Located within the dog park, off Mockingbird Lane, is a launch point for dogs to jump into the lake. The area is enclosed, so there’s no chance of your furry friend taking off to the other side of the lake, but dogs can leap into the lake to chase balls. It’s a great way to exercise high energy dogs or just have fun watching dogs paddle to their heart’s content.

Dogs play in the lake at White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas. Photo by Vivian Farmer.
Dogs play in the lake at White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas.

Just make sure to check that the dog park is open before you go. It is always closed on Mondays for maintenance and after heavy rain, the dog park closes to keep it from sustaining damage.

Klyde Warren Park


This park is in the heart of downtown. Food trucks line up for lunch and the tree lined walkways offer shady spots to eat and enjoy the city.

You’re here to read about dogs though, not lunch.

Chino wakes up from a nap.
Chino wakes up from a nap.

You’ll see dogs in the park any day, especially weekends when pet owners take their pooches out to enjoy some outside time or run around the dog park that is part of Klyde Warren.

This isn’t a good spot for shy dogs as the crowds, especially on weekends, can be big.

Dot’s Hop House and the Upper Paw


Dot’s Hop House is a trendy spot in Deep Ellum with plenty of beer (at least 99 on tap at a time), yummy food, and a large patio that is dog friendly. Enjoy the spacious beer garden with your best friend and take in the mix of rugged and refined decor.

Kala, a maltipoo, comes over to say hi.
Kala, a maltipoo, comes over to say hi.
Big Sean poses for a glamor shot.
Big Sean poses for a glamor shot.








In the same neighborhood, a quick 2 minute walk away, is the Upper Paw, a neighborhood pet supply. There are pet boutiques and specialty shops all throughout Dallas but the Upper Paw tries to stay actively engaged with the community by posting notices of lost pets and regularly posting pet health tips on their Facebook page.

The Upper Paw also strives to provide the best food and equipment at reasonable prices. Make it your new shopping stop or pop in for a treat for your good boy or girl.

Dog and Kitty City


If you’re like me, without a dog but looking to provide a forever home, look no further than the Humane Society of Dallas County, also known as Dog and Kitty City. This no-kill shelter provides the best care possible, and the in-depth profiles of each animal will let you know if any of the dogs or cats are a good fit for your home.


Ollie is a good boy, waiting to chase a ball.
Ollie is a good boy, waiting to chase a ball.

Photos by Vivian Farmer.

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