5 Haunted Hotels That Will Have You Sleeping With The Light On

5 Haunted Hotels That Will Have You Sleeping With The Light On

By Heather Dauterive

Get ready for a real scare this Halloween. These five haunted hotels make Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights look like amateur hour. We’re not kidding. 

It’s a pretty safe bet you’ll encounter something that goes bump in the night. So, pack a bag and grab your phone because these spirits aren’t shy. Just be sure there’s a Motel 6 around (they leave the light on for you).


San Francisco, California 

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Imagine waking up to unseen hands pulling the bedsheets up to your neck. Totally freaky, right? It’s happened to guests in Room 410.

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Visitors say the spirit in this historic hotel will tuck you in, maybe sing to you. Some even claim she’s packed their suitcases around check out time.

The starting price for this eerie encounter is $250.


Key West, Florida

There’s only one thing you need to know about this Key West hotel– a creepy doll used to live here. His name is Robert the Doll. He’s life-sized and nearly faceless. Robert doesn’t have a nose or a mouth, and yet people swear they’ve seen the doll’s expression change. 

When strange things started happening in the house, the owner’s widow, Anne, stuffed Robert in a cedar chest and left him in the attic. Now the doll is on display in a nearby museum. The activity hasn’t stopped, though.

A night here can cost you anywhere from $90 to $200.


New Orleans, Louisiana

Halloween is just another day of the year in a city where paranormal activity is the norm. The dead even mingle with the living–literally. Have you seen the above-ground tombs?

Dozens of hotels claim to be haunted, but the Dauphine Orleans leaves guests spooked. Some ghosts seem stuck in a timeless loop. Other entities have been known to follow patrons.  

Book a stay at this infamous French Quarter hotel for around $139 a night.


Wolf Creek, Oregon

You may have seen this place on paranormal shows. Clark Gable and other famous entertainers stayed here back in the day. And may not have left.

So far, guests claim they’ve heard the ghost of a little girl, watched a chair rock back and forth on its own, and have been close enough to touch a full-bodied apparition. 

They also host hands-on ghost hunting tours and Murder Mystery Parties. Rooms average around $90 a night. 


Kinnitty, Co. Offaly, Ireland

Located in “The Haunted Triangle” of Ireland, this castle puts the “evil”‘ in medieval legacy. Two words– shadow figures. Eek!

This Gothic manor’s resident ghost, The Phantom Monk of Kinnitty, is super talkative and has even fooled people into thinking he’s real! And he’s not the only spirit lurking in the castle’s nooks and crannies. 

This ultimate Halloween scare will run you between $150 to $300 a night. 

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