Forego The Typical Fluff – St. Patrick’s Day Across the USA

Forego The Typical Fluff – St. Patrick’s Day Across the USA

From the Holy Trinity presented in form of a shamrock, to the now ever apparent public intoxication and green-lacking pinched skin – we celebrate St. Patrick’s day around the globe.

In the United States, it’s no wild guess that Chicago comes to mind when celebrating the patron saint (or just a reason to drink green beer, we don’t judge.)

Quite arguably, no one does it like Chicago

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But if you’re looking for something different to do this year, check out this list of places you’ve probably missed.

Dallas, Texas

Boasting the “largest parade in the southwest,” over 125,000 individuals attend each year. You can expect to see everything from parade floats, to people being so drunk they fall off a curb. Most people who’ve moved to Dallas over the last few years will tell you the Dallas St. Patrick’s Day parade comes as a shock, because no one outside of Dallas talks about it.

Savannah, Georgia

Arguably a “must do” experience in Savannah, St. Patrick’s Day is a notable event. Instead of adding color to a giant river, they participate in what’s called “Greening of The Fountains” at Forsyth Park.

With over 15 events throughout the day – expect to see a lot of green, enjoy a green beer, Clydesdale Horses, Live Music, and a Parade that runs throughout the Historic District of Savannah.

Rolla, Missouri

Celebrating its 110th St. Patrick’s Day parade, Rolla is packed with all things green. This small college town full of engineering students brings out all the stops to celebrate St. Patrick, the patron saint of engineers.

Start your day off with a green beer 5K or participate in the Best Beer Run – 4 Laps (roughly a mile,) and chug a beer (per lap.) After All, it’s the Rolla way.

Galena, Illinois

Chicago might get all the glory but Galena throws a celebration that will have you feeling lucky. The town overflows with Irish pride and the streets are flooded with people decked out in green.

The party feels more intimate than it’s counterpart in Chicago, but with no less beer and festivities.

Dublin, Ohio

You can see the Irish influence in this town’s name. This town is proud of its heritage. You can expect a top-notch parade, bagpipe music galore, and yes, plenty of beer.

Don’t miss the Blarney Bash. Whiskey tastings and live music round out the party. There’s even a “best legs in a kilt” contest. Slainte!

Hot Springs, Arkansas

Arkansas is probably the last place you think when you hear “St. Patrick’s Day.” But this town is home to the shortest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the world. Basically, Arkansas knew it couldn’t compete with the big dogs– it doesn’t even have much in the way of Catholic and Irish history. But Hot Springs still wanted to get in on the fun.

The quirky idea caught on and crowds of around 30,000 show up. Hot Springs even landed the Budweiser Clydesdales to take part in the short parade. Perhaps the weirdest part of this parade though is the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders taking part. In a parade. In Arkansas.

The fun goes beyond the short parade with a surprisingly robust roundup of live music and entertainment. It’s a quirky twist on a beloved tradition.

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