The Ultimate List of Dallas/Fort Worth Breweries

The Ultimate List of Dallas/Fort Worth Breweries

Microbreweries exploded in the DFW metroplex around 2011 and the growth of the craft scene continues. The history of beer in Dallas, like most things in this forward-looking city, isn’t something with deep roots, but instead a drive for something new– the search for opportunity and liquid gold.

Here is your definitive list of Dallas Breweries.

Braindead Brewing

Est. 2015
Most Popular Brew: Whatever’s on tap

Braindead Brewing is less a brewery and more a large brewpub. A hefty menu and huge tap selection draw in beer lovers and people who are just plain hungry. Braindead does brew its own creations. Try one of their house beers or any of the many local specialties on tap.

Bishop Cider Co.

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Est. 2014
Most Popular Brew: Crackberry

Too many overly sweet, syrupy ciders pushed the owners of Bishop Cider to create their own. They aimed to make good cider with no sweeteners (not even honey). The result is easy sipping brews with a little sparkle. Bishop quickly outgrew its original location and opened a larger brewery in the design district. The brewery is now home to vintage arcade games and plenty of cider.

The Collective Brewing Project

Est. 2014
Most Popular Brew: Mr. Green

The Collective makes beer for the adventurous. Seeking out funky and sour beer flavors, the brews here will challenge your conception of beer. Don’t worry though, they’ve got you covered if all you want is classic, clean sipping beer.

Community Beer Company

Est: 2013
Most Popular Brew: Mosaic IPA

It’s all in the name. Community Beer Company supports local musicians, artists and of course, beer lovers. Sip on their easy drinking Texas Lager and keep an eye on their special release calendar. You never know when you’ll find your new favorite.

Deep Ellum Brewing Company

Est. 2011
Most Popular Brew: Deep Ellum IPA

Located in the trendy, artsy Deep Ellum neighborhood, Deep Ellum Brewing embraces chaos and risk. There’s always a show, tasting or something going on. Their standard brews are solid and their specialty releases are strong (looking at you “Barrel Crusher” with the 13% ABV and 100+ IBU.) Visit for the atmosphere and stay for the, well the atmosphere and beer.

Four Corners Brewing Co.

Est. 2012
Most Popular Brew: Local Buzz

Bright, stamp-like graphics grace the cans of Four Corner’s beers. Their easy-sipping “Local Buzz” rye beer is a simple dip into the craft beer scene. You’ll have fun popping the top of any of their beers, the lid is a “full open” 360 lid, a choice made to simply look badass.

Grapevine Craft Brewery

Est. 2013
Most Popular Brew: Monarch Pilsner

Like many of the breweries on this list, Grapevine imbibes local influences to make a product that reflects the area it comes from. Grapevine keeps it classic, saying “Our beers aren’t intended to slap you in the face with outlandish concoctions… Clean. Crisp. Approachable. It’s where the good times are.”

Lakewood Brewing Co.

Est. 2011
Most Popular Brew: Lakewood Lager

Specializing in Belgian-style beers, Lakewood is a staple in its neighborhood. Make sure to snap up the Seduction Series when it’s available. You also can’t go wrong with their four staple brews. And for a full introduction to classic Belgian brews, look for their Legendary Series.

Martin House Brewing Company

Est. 2013
Most Popular Brew: Day Break

With labels that recall classic movie posters, cereal advertisements and travel posters, you know you’re about to be in for a treat. Martin House Brewing Company pumps out a consistent flow of limited releases as well as its eight staple beers. That’s a lot to brew but this brewery doesn’t seem to the mind high volume work. And that means more good beer for us.

Noble Rey Brewing Company

Est. 2015
Most Popular Brew: Golden Rey

Noble Rey’s persona feels like a tempered version of “Rick and Morty.” They brew five year-round staples, each with its own funky cartoon mascot character. Noble Rey is small but expanding, getting ready to push into the Houston market.

Oak Highland Brewery

Est. 2015
Most Popular Brew: Freaky Deaky

A solid lineup of well-made classics characterizes Oak Highland Brewery. Their brews are just innovative enough to make you pause and consider the flavors yet approachable enough for anyone to enjoy. Try their seasonal brews for a fresh take on seasonal classics.

Peticolas Brewing Company

Est. 2011
Most Popular Brew: Velvet Hammer

The brew master at the helm of this operation has memories of his mom brewing Mexican style beer in their El Paso home. An appreciation for beer with flavor runs deep at Peticolas. Their offerings can be a little overwhelming but you’ll find flavor in every glass.

Rahr & Sons Brewing Company

Est. 2004
Most popular Brew: Rahr’s Blonde

Rahr mixes a little punk with a lot of Texas pride. “PROUST Y’ALL” is spray painted in bold black lettering on the water tower outside the brewery, so you know what you’re getting yourself into the moment you arrive. Make questionable decisions after a few “Adiós Pantalones” or become a Texan with “Pride of Texas.”

Revolver Brewing

Est. 2012
Most Popular Brew: Blood & Honey

Like the dual revolvers pointing skyward on their label, this brewery aims to be bold. They take inspiration from the wild, flat and almost sleek wide open spaces of Texas. Revolver takes cues from Texas for its flavors, like the Texas honey in its flagship brew “Blood & Honey” or the southwestern flavors of agave nectar, citrus, maze and spice in “Sidewinder.”

Texas Ale Project

Est. 2015
Most Popular Brew: 50 Foot Jackrabbit

Texas Ale Project’s brews aren’t for the novice craft beer drinker. They go for bold tastes and pack as much flavor as possible in every sip. If you want something that pushes your beer- boundaries, Texas Ale is the place to go.

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