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En Route spotlights profound moments within amazing journeys. Meet travelers who have hiked, biked and hitchhiked across six continents; others who swam, sailed and kayaked the seven seas. Hear from professional athletes and entertainers whose entire lives are often extraordinary trips. Learn how those profound moments not only affected their journeys, but their entire lives. 

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About the Host

From the backseat of a Plymouth Fury III, seven-year-old John DeLeva made his first cross-country trip when his family moved from New York to California. He had to wait nine more years to get his own driver’s license but was soon off to the races – 22 more cross country trips, the youngest person to visit every county, borough and parish in America and banned by a national rental car company for “abusing the unlimited mileage privilege.”

John has averaged 247 days a year on the road over the past 30 years, traveling whenever and wherever possible to eat new foods, experience new cultures, meet new people and make damn sure no two days in a row are the same. He calls home wherever he wakes each morning and says every day on the road is a reminder that despite the hard edges of the world today, good people still outnumber bad about a hundred to one. 

John Deleva.


About the Episode

Episode 9 – May 21, 2021

She lived in three countries before she turned two and traveled steadily as a child. It wasn’t until an encounter during spring break in Florida, though, that she was sure travel had to be at the heart of whatever career path she chose.

Jolica Taguiped is an artist and an entrepreneur but if you asked her, more than anything else, she would say she’s a traveler. She goes to dive deep into different cultures, and says finding art, trying different foods and meeting new people are the most important part of every journey. She took from Anthony Bourdain and realized that food brings people together and she makes cooking classes a component of every trip abroad.

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