Coffee menus can take some interpreting. There are the sizes, which Starbucks famously complicated, and the milk-to-espresso ratio, which is different by drink and coffee bar. Then there’s the ever-growing list of flavor options.

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Weekend Coffee has a mercifully short menu and quiet seating. Located in The Joule hotel, Weekend Coffee is frequented by locals and hotel patrons alike. The menu has all the basics: espresso, coffee, latte, cappuccino and tea among a few other options. The cold brew is perfect for a hot Dallas day. It’s mild enough to drink black but there is cream and agave on hand to sweeten it up. Manager Spencer Fox says the cold brew has been more popular this year than in previous years.

Along with a short menu, Weekend Coffee is manned from a small space. Two baristas serve up drinks and pastries to a continuous but short line. Seating is comfortable and interspersed around the lobby and there is a selection of newspapers for anyone looking to get away from digital devices. The coffee beans at Weekend Coffee come from Seattle-based Victrola coffee. While the coffee is delicious, it is not budget-friendly. A cup of cold brew is around $4 a pop. But the expensive cup of coffee grants you the opportunity to people watch well-dressed patrons and indulge in top-notch service. The baristas are, thankfully, unpretentious but ready to answer any question relating to your coffee needs.

The real hidden gem of this coffee shop though is the pastries. Skip the doughnuts, those come from Hypnotic Doughnuts and you’re better off having them fresh from the source. Opt instead for any of the delicious pastries in the small glass box on the counter. All of the pastries are made in house by pastry chefs Ruben Torano and Sarah Green. The Turtle Toaster Strudel is highly recommended. Light, flaky, and buttery, this strudel is filled with chocolate ganache. The outside is crisp and the inside is rich and chocolaty. Like the other pastries, it is the perfect pairing with coffee, conspicuously tasting as though it were made that way.

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