If you’re strapped for time and want to explore a cities culinary exploits, food halls are your best option.

With the recent push of a foodie movement in the last few years, food halls have began to explode all over the country – often putting tough parameters on what type of vendors get to open up shop. Typically, you’re only allowed to open up shop if you’re extremely local; sometimes local to a specific neighborhood.

Entering a food hall can be extremely overwhelming, yet exciting. You’re hit with the aroma of incredible regions of the world all at once, often paired with loud echoes of voices laughing and glasses clanking.

Usually I take one stroll up and down each isle of a food hall before choosing my target. If you want to try everything, you should split a signature dish from each vendor with your friends or family so you don’t get burned out on food too quickly. Getting full is great, but not at a food hall – you’ve got to try as much as possible.

Avanti F&B, a collective eatery – Denver, CO

Dekalb Market Hall – Brooklyn, NY


Bottling Department – San Antonio, TX

The Market – Dallas, TX

Latinicity – Chicago, IL

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Reading Terminal Market – Philly, PA

No matter wherever your next adventure sends you off to, try and stop at a food hall. Especially if you’re with a group of people who can never decide what type of food to eat – this is a surefire way to remove that from being an issue.

You can eat Arepas while your friend gets a basic turkey sandwich (you know who which friend I’m talking about.)


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