Photos by Kelsey Corban 

Gather Kitchen Lobby, Dallas, Texas, September, 2017. Photo by Kelsey Corban.

When I say “fast food”, what comes to mind? Greasy burgers, fried chicken sandwiches, salty French fries and market-dominating chains with names that rhyme with Schnick-Donalds? In an industry saturated with saturated fats, Gather Kitchen wants to change the status-quo.

The concept is simple: a fast-casual spot to build-your-own-bowl of grain-free, dairy-free, and refined-sugar-free food. Are you bored yet? Don’t be. Gather Kitchen’s menu options are sure to appeal to even the most vegetable-hating eaters, offering a variety of bases and mix-ins that range from poached shrimp to homemade falafel. They also know that eating healthy doesn’t have to mean choking down a bland, dry meal, which is why they offer 6 delectable sauce choices to add to your bowl (Six Pepper Mexican, Roasted Bell Pepper, Basil Cashew Pesto, Roma Tomato Marinara, Sweet and Sour, and Coconut Curry).

Food from Gather Kitchen, Dallas, Texas, September, 2017. Photo by Kelsey Corban.

Those who travel know how easy it is to put on a few unwanted pounds during your excursions. Gather Kitchen’s fresh food won’t leave you feeling weighed down by carbs (although there is definitely a time and place for that—I’m looking at you, Pasta and Wine Night.) And if by chance you find yourself trekking through Dallas, swing by Gather Kitchen at Thanksgiving Tower in Downtown Dallas. They’ll whip you up a bowl that tastes great and leaves you feeling even better.

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