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The Ultimate Pet-Friendly Road Trip In Arizona and New Mexico

There’s nothing quite like packing up the car and heading out on a road trip. And when four-legged friends are involved—it’s even better! Sure the logistics can get a bit...

Myths of the Ozark Region

A visit to the Ozark region could mean stumbling across flooded cemeteries, swimming with piranhas and coming face-to-face with a howling horned cat. Or simply enjoying scenic outlooks. The Ozarks stretch from Mid-Missouri...

Winter Park – Central Florida’s Hidden Gem

There’s a bit more to Central Florida than Mickey ears and Harry Potter wands, and it’s located in Winter Park, only a few miles from Orlando’s downtown. Built as a winter escape, this...

Embracing the Spirit of Travel

I get nostalgic looking back at a trip we took to South America in the mid-90’s with little money and even lower expectations. The plan was no plan, to leave a place when we were done with it, whether that was an hour, a day or a week. We booked absolutely nothing except the flight there and back.

Travelers Recreate Travel Memories from Home

There’s nothing quite like the view from the window seat. Especially when that “window seat” is next to your washing machine!

Most Iconic Traditions of the Kentucky Derby

In the 145 years that the Kentucky Derby has been around, the race has never been canceled and it has only been postponed twice. That’s a track record that’s hard to beat! No matter what...