Here’s your fix of all the travel things you missed this week.

Amazing Sites In The Sky

Miss the total solar eclipse? Don’t worry, there are still plenty of planetary sites to see in the sky this year.

night sky

Eat At A Mortuary And A 28 ft. Tall Cream Can In The Same Day

“Linger’s doesn’t cover up its morbid history, it embraces the story of the building, down to the bone.”

Linger and Little Man Ice Cream in Denver, Colorado, 2017. Photo by Ryan Thompson.

UFC’s Justin Wren Travels Deep Into The Congo Jungle

“We recently sat down with Wren and peeled back the layers of his story to find what’s behind one of the most interesting and unusual travel stories, and one of the most inspiring travelers, we’ve ever come across.”


Justin Wren in the Congo.
Courtesy of Justin Wren.

Hand-Carved Caves that are unlike anything else

When finished, the caves are bone white and seem organically grown. Intricate interlocking patterns flow through the spaces.”Ra Paulette's sandstone caves.

Authentic Ramen Comes To Dallas

“Tonkotsu is a classic ramen dish with a broth base of pork bones served with sliced pork belly.  TEN chooses a concentrated pork base instead of pork bones to create a lighter broth, and the result is comfort food at its best.”

TEN Ramen in Dallas, Texas, 2017. Photo by Jonathan Greer.


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