Visit Waxhaw, N. Carolina for small town vibes

Visit Waxhaw, N. Carolina for small town vibes

Waxhaw, North Carolina
Waxhaw, North Carolina

Waxhaw, North Carolina is a small town with a lot to offer. Named after a Native American tribe, this town has rich history that includes a president’s birthplace, ancient tribal lands, and a colonial trade route.

A great way to experience the area is to eat the food. Start at Stack’s Kitchen for breakfast. It is the place to go for some good southern grits, pancakes and bacon. For coffee lovers, there is Java’s Brewing Bakery and Cafe and the Crossroads Coffee Shop. Maxwell’s Tavern is a good dinner stop. The Tavern offers standard American fare and cold drinks. If you’ve left room for dessert go to Waxhaw Creamery for some delicious ice cream.

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After sampling the local cuisine, you’ll be ready to explore. Downtown Waxhaw itself is built on top of one of the old colonial trading routes that ran out of Charlotte and down into South Carolina. A railroad intersects Broome Street, Waxhaw’s main avenue, and features a lovely viewing bridge from which you can gaze down the town’s main stretch.

For shopping, there are numerous antique stores in town. Built in the shells of old buildings, they house an intriguing variety of treasures and trinkets. Other shops include several boutiques, a coin shop, jewelry store, and brewery. For unique souvenirs, check out Waxhaw Tack Exchange and Stewart’s Gallery shop. The tack exchange is an old farmer tack exchange with a plethora of country goods. Stewart’s Gallery is a shop run by an experienced potter whose work can be found in many residents’ homes.

A friendly debate exists between the border towns here regarding where exactly President Andrew Jackson was born. Regardless, Waxhaw has commemorated him in the Museum of the Waxhaws, a small museum that features historical artifacts, old buildings, reenactments, and more. It covers everything from the Civil War to modern times.

All year long there are festivals and town gatherings. At the beginning of every month, a First Friday Festival lights up the town as musicians perform beneath the water tower and restaurants offer specials. Other seasonal gatherings include the Spring Kaleidoscope Fest, Autumn Treasures, and the Holiday Festival of Lights.

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