Do you have the wanderlust gene?

Do you have the wanderlust gene?

Always planning your next trip? Drawn to difficult travel that pushes you outside of your comfort zone? You might have the gene variant DRD4-7R, nicknamed “the wanderlust gene.”

This gene is associated with increased risk taking, novelty seeking and impulsivity as well as a whole host of other, less desirable traits like ADHD, addictive behaviors and anorexia.

Dr. Richard Ebstein, Professor of Psychology at the National University of Singapore has studied DRD4-7R and he believes there is a relationship between DRD4-7R and risk taking behaviors.

Photo by Wu Jianxiong on Unsplash. Explore, Wander, mountain, ocean, male, guy
Photo by Wu Jianxiong on Unsplash.

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Of course, one gene doesn’t determine personality. Having DRD4-7R doesn’t mean you have wanderlust, or ADHD, or addictive behaviors. There simply seems to be a link between the gene and those behaviors.

Whether or not you have “the wanderlust gene,” you can create an environment ripe for travel. Feed your wanderlust and see where your travels take you. You might surprise yourself.

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Vivian Farmer
After reading books about far off places as a child, Vivian was hooked on travel writing. She traveled during her college years and wrote about wine, oil painting and wild hogs. She's planning her next adventures and writing about anything and everything travel related.


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