August is a month to close out the summer and start new journeys. In much of the United States, it’s the hottest month of the year, but it heralds the promise of Autumn and cooler months ahead.

Students start new semesters, vacations come to a close and we start planning for the holiday season. August is a month of transition and quite a few of our stories have highlighted that theme with journeys near and far. Take a look at what’s been going on and what the next month might hold.

A contributor abroad

Ashely Lipasek spent a whirlwind of a summer traveling and teaching abroad. She journaled her travels– they range from exotic to bizarre. Her journey came to a close this month but we’ve got her travels gathered here for you.

A Western Hippie Experiencing an Eastern Hippie Lifestyle

Ashley Lipasek and the elephant, Bobbi, play. Thailand, June, 2017.

Culture Shock: Compassion has no Bounds

Ashley Lipasek in Thailand, 2017. Photo courtesy of Ashley Lipasek.

My Thai Secrets: Sand in All the Right Places

Ashley Lipasek in Thailand, 2017.

Eating in unique places

Food is an ever-popular subject across almost all segments of society. We love reading about food, watching videos of food and, of course, eating good food. This month, we found unique food venues. A food hall in Brooklyn, Italian pasta and Japanese ramen shops in Dallas and the best beer cities in the country round out our foodie travels.

A Food Market Hall that is Truly a Feast

DeKalb Market Hall, Brooklyn, 2017. Photo by Vince Tatarian.

Eat at this Hidden Italian Restaurant

Bruschetta photo by Kelsey Corban

Authentic Ramen comes to Dallas

TEN Ramen in Dallas, Texas, 2017. Photo by Jonathan Greer.

Best Beer Cities

Craft Beer

A disaster close to home

The rain has slowed in Houston but as Hurricane Harvey recedes, the damage of the storm comes into focus. We’ve all seen the headlines. We’ve seen the streets flooded with water so high, it covers cars and makes travel by boat possible. We’ve heard the statistics of death, damage and disaster.

Here at Places, we’re putting together a guide to how you can help. We will keep an eye on the aftermath and learn what we can from this disaster so that any travelers caught in such horrific conditions will have guidance and support.

Looking forward

We’ve got some exciting content planned for September. Get ready for fall color viewing guides, foodie pieces directly from our crew here in Dallas and more from around the world.

Never stop voyaging.

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