From wine tours to hot springs to some delicious farm-to-table food, we’ve got a little bit of everything for you this week. Spend your Sunday evening reading about the next places you’re going to visit.


How a Travel Photographer Invented an Online Holiday

“A well known travel photographer who goes by the name, “Techno Paul” created a holiday 5 years ago that will haunt you (quite literally.) ”


Farm to Table Food in East Dallas

“The true stand out is the biscuit. The buttery biscuits from the kitchen are absolute heaven . . . so heavenly that it’s a smart decision to order one on the side with house-made apple butter.”

Photo by Jonathan Greer. Garden Cafe, Dallas, Texas, 2017.

Nope– This is not a Tropical Beach Destination in Mexico

It’s in Michigan. Really.

torch lake

8 Texas Towns You have to Visit

You probably know of the big ones– Austin, San Antonio, Houston– but there are plenty of  small towns that have attractions worth a stop (including some of the best BBQ around.)

8 Texas Towns you have to visit

This Isn’t Napa– Get Your Wine on at this Texas Wine Tour

Texas has wine and it’s worth a sip. Prepare yourself for wines that are similar to Spanish and Portuguese varieties and beautiful venues in Texas hill country (yes, that is a real thing.)

Photo by Matthieu Joannon on Unsplash. Wine, winery
Photo by Matthieu Joannon on Unsplash
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