“Welcome to Cimarron, where the Rockies meet the Plains.”

So says the sign that greets visitors to the small town of Cimarron. Cimarron, New Mexico is most well known for being home to the Philmont Scout Ranch, a large boy scout camp with over 140,000 acres of wilderness. Rugged and wild, Cimarron exudes natural beauty and an authenticity that can be difficult to find in more touristed camping areas. The real treat, though, is the night sky.

Cimarron, is home to less than 1,000 people and is situated just south of the Colorado boarder and a good three hour drive from Albuquerque, New Mexico. All told, it’s not a tourist destination.

The sky seems a little closer in the wildness of Cimarron, particularly the night sky.

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Get any distance from the town’s center and you’ll find yourself away from all man-made light. But even from a hotel parking lot, you’ll see the full expanse of the night sky.

Cimarron is (basically) undiscovered. Other than people already living in the area, no one knows about this beautiful spot, especially if you visit in the winter. The few tourists that come through for a glance at the old town center are absent during the cold winter months. Cimarron is your own little retreat into the heavens.

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