Why Jesse Galganov Is All Of Us

*Update: 10/30/17*

  • There is an ongoing investigation of the Kame House Hostel in Huaraz where Jesse was supposed to be staying
  • The search has expanded to include aircraft and vetting nearby villages
  • Information released by Apple is encrypted and still unable to be opened by local authorities. Jesse’s mother is persistent in Apple releasing information about his Apple ID and password to better paint a picture of his whereabouts prior to his disappearance

Back in September, Jesse Galganov set off on an adventure of a lifetime. He would spend the next 8 months backpacking through South America and Southeast Asia – experiencing cultures rich in history and learning lessons that could span generations.

Jesse Galganov, 22 is missing.

However, the Montreal student’s trip came to an end quicker than anticipated. After September 28, only 4 days into his 8 month trip, Jesse’s family began to grow concerned when they hadn’t heard from him for a few days. He was to go offline until October 2nd while on a 4 day hike through Huascaran National Park in Peru – the world’s highest tropical mountain range.

He spent the first few days of his trip in Lima, before taking a bus to Huaraz – where security camera footage shows him heading towards Kame House Hostel. He has not been seen since.

Jesse disappeared without a trace.

His mother knew he would be out of contact during his hiking trip in Huascaran National Park, but concern began to rise when days turned into weeks, even considering he may have extended his hiking trip by a few days.

No one has heard from or seen Jesse. Frequent hikers of the Huascaran National Park have been questioned and no one can recall seeing him.

What’s peculiar is the Kame House Hostel recalls Jesse checking into the hostel that evening, but when questioned by local authorities, they changed their story and said he did not check in.

Kame House Hostel, where Jesse was last seen.

On October 14, Jess’s mother, Alisa Clamen, filed a missing persons report and flew to Peru to speak with local authorities. Those aiding in the search on the ground, as well as local authorities strongly believe Jesse was kidnapped.

Further information has been revealed that other hostel goers remember seeing Jesse. Even one of Jesse’s friends received a Snapchat from him while he was at the hostel.

Against initial hesitation, Apple released cellular data to Alisa and local authorities that Jesse’s phone was active in Lima on September 29 – the day he was supposed to begin his mountain excursion, 7 hours away.

Distance between Huaraz and Lima, Peru

Since Jesse’s disappearance, a gofundme account has been launched, raising $100,000+ in just 5 days to help aid the search for Jesse. In addition to the gofundme, Alisa is offering $10,000 to anyone who can bring forward information about the circumstances of her missing son.

$10,000 reward offered for information leading to Jesse Galganov disappearance

If you’ve ever taken a trip abroad, you know the look your family and loved ones give you when you set off on an adventure. Jesse isn’t just a kid from Montreal – he’s all of us.

He’s every adventure trip we’ve ever dreamed of taking. He’s all of our hopes and dreams and aspirations to see the world; to gain worldly experience before setting foot into our lifelong careers.

Help us find Jesse. #HelpUsFindJesse

Anyone with information please contact: helpusfindjesse@gmail.com

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