3 Stunning Places Florida Forgot

By Rosie Greaves

Old Florida conjures thoughts of a simpler time, an era most of us have long since forgotten about. Luckily for you, there are still places in the north of the state that continue to live and breath all the good things Old Florida makes us nostalgic for. Hardly anyone knows about these destinations, so we’ve listed our three favorite getaways for anyone wanting to avoid the crowds and see Florida in all its authenticity.

Sample Seafood at Its Freshest in Apalachicola

If you love seafood and want to enjoy a slice of rustic Florida, Apalachicola won’t disappoint. This is one of the quietest fishing villages in the whole of North Florida; hardly any tourists venture here. It’s most famous for supplying over 90% of Florida’s oysters!

Take a walk back in time and marvel at over 900 historical sites and rows of old-fashioned cottages. Or, enjoy one of the many picturesque waterfront parks- just don’t forget your camera because there are photo-ops galore.

Cedar Key

This is another stunning fishing village, and again, it’s fabulously secluded; best described as a town frozen in time. It brims with tin-roofed homes, ’50s-style motels, and cute independent shops. It’s the kind of place where people don’t lock their doors, and everyone knows one another.

Cedar Key is also an art-lovers paradise. There are tons of displays open to the public all over town.

Fanning Springs State Park

This beautiful park lies perched along the winding Suwannee River. These gorgeously clear waters have roamed through Florida for thousands of years and still manage to put a smile on the faces of those who visit them. There’s nothing better than taking a picnic and sitting under a gigantic oak tree and, luckily for you, there’s ample opportunity to do that here in Fanning Springs.


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