A French Adventure Addict with a Drone

Scroll threw Nils Lry’s instagram page, and you’ll find dreamy beach scenes enticing enough to make you pack your bags right now.

Lry is a serial travel addict. He takes his camera and drone with him wherever he goes and shares his adventures on his youtube channel and instagram.

We caught him between travels and asked him a few questions about his passion for travel, his storytelling technique and what he’s doing next.

His most recent trip? French Polynesia. You don’t even have to watch the video to be jealous (but you really should watch it, then all of his other videos, then pack your bags for wherever you’ve been dreaming of going.)

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I’m Nils, 24 yo, French adventurer who is always looking for new challenges. After my studies, I decided to move and explore Australia alone. Finally, I met loads of people on my way and travelled with some of them in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Fiji, New Zealand and more.

I work as a mechanical engineer and when I have time, I really enjoy shooting pictures and videos. I am a real travel addict (between 20 and 30 countries visited) and drone fan, I started in May 2017 and learned on my own with some techniques I found thanks to YouTube videos.

Why do you travel?

I need it! It’s like a drug. I want to explore the magnificent World where we are living in. Discovering different landscapes, atmospheres, cultures and people is something that I really enjoy.

How did you get the idea to share your travels through videos?

My older brother told me “you need a drone to keep some amazing memories” and I decided to buy one and make videos. The passion is real, today I can work 50hours on a 3 minute video because I like doing it.

You have a distinctive style that is “show, don’t tell.” Why do you forego traditional narration and storytelling techniques?

I’m not really confident in front of a camera, let’s say. Pictures and videos are talking for me. I don’t need to explain what I feel, I can express it through the video.

What was your favorite aspect of French Polynesia?

Two things I think: The people are really lovely over there as are the blue lagoons with thousands of different blues.

What was the coolest diving experience you had in French Polynesia?

In Bora Bora, I did a snorkeling tour with sharks and rays feeding which was amazing. About diving, I truly loved my two fun dives with Bora diving center Matira during which I saw a group of spotted eagle rays. That moment was incredible!

What reasons did you go to French Polynesia for?

I wanted to relax and “live the dream” after lots of road trips. This is a postcard destination where everything is just perfect. People are nice, beaches are beautiful, lagoons are incredible. There isn’t another place like this!

If you hesitate, just go over there, you’ll not be disappointed.

Where are you headed next?

This was my last stop before going back home and it was the best end that I could expect.
I don’t know yet about my next trip but I really want to explore Iceland, Alaska and Canada. We’ll see…

Anything else you’d like to share?

If you are interested in travels, have a look at my Instagram @nilslry

and my YouTube channel, Nils Lry

Cheers guys!