An Entire Island…Made of Inflatable Unicorns

Over the last few years, we’ve seen some questionable pool floaties begin to surface across the web. They now come in all shapes and sizes – turd emojis, pizza slices, and even unicorns. But what tops them all, is an entire island made of inflatable unicorns.


Last year, the Inflatable Island was born. About 80 miles south of Manila, Philippines, you can find a floating tropical paradise located on Subic Bay, that spans an entire 36,000+ square feet! When the island first opened, you had a few choices of inflatable activities for lounging and getting in on your inflatable childish dreams.

Lounge areas include what some would call “painted beaches” smothered in inflatables that match their respective names: the Pink Lounge and Purple Lounge. Active areas included the “inflatable zoo,” comprised of a range of simple bridges and wobbly floaties for the more adventurous.


But what the island is truly known for, was an entire obstacle course made of inflatable objects. Race your friends across slippery inflatables while the natural waves of the water push your foot-hold. Joust your friends with Q-Tip style inflatables and see who the last person standing will be. Or get major air by swinging or being launched off inflatables into the bay.


As if that wasn’t enough for their claim to fame – Inflatable Island launched a new obstacle course made entirely of inflatable unicorns. Yep, unicorns. Move over Starbucks sugar-induced comas.


How much is it?

Inflatable Island has a few options for pool float enthusiasts. Considering US based waterpark prices, these are incredible deals:

  • One Hour: P499 / $9.50USD
  • Two Hour: P549 / $10.50USD
  • Half Day: P749 / $14.20USD
  • Day rate: P849 / $16.13USD

There are also hotels near by, for those who want to purchase Half Day and Day rate tickets, avoiding the 2.5 hour commute back to Manila. You can grab all the information you need for park tickets and hotel information here.

How to get there?

So, how does one get to a floating island in the Philippines? After you’ve got your airfare to Manila, snag a car ride for 2.5 hours (if you’re from Texas, this is basically like driving to your friends house or the grocery store,) or you can take a bus from Olongapo City terminal. Bus rates tend to change, but you can find the full schedule of bus routes here.

Not convinced this is the trip for you? Just check out their Instagram. You’ll believe in unicorns in no time.