5 Places That Will Make Your Valentine Go WTH

Traditional romance is overrated. Show your valentine your undying love with a truly unique experience by taking them somewhere entirely unromantic.

Lincoln, Nebraska

Hot beef sunday

Lean in close to your valentine and whisper “hot beef sundae.” They’ll love it. You don’t need ice cream and sprinkles to say, “I love you” when you’re sharing a pile of beef covered with gravy. You can find this ice-cream inspired dish in the mid-west but Nebraska broke into the hot beef sundae scene early, serving it up for almost a decade now.

Russian suburbs

Soviet Bloc Housing
By rugbyxm

Nothing says romance like soviet bloc housing. Don’t forget to slav-squat in a full tracksuit.

Haesindang Park, South Korea

Photo by cezzie901.
Photo by cezzie901.

Who doesn’t love a bunch of phalluses? Visit “Penis Park” for dick pics galore. Send them to everyone you love! The phallic statues in this park are meant to appease a young maiden who drowned while fishing. The folk story says after she drowned, no fish could be caught until they appeased her spirit with male genitalia. How romantic.



Show your love by sharing a foodie delicacy. Take your valentine to Montana for rocky mountain oysters– a delicacy of the region also known as prairie oysters, calf fries or simply: cattle testicles.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania


Visit the site of largest casualties during the American Civil War at the Gettysburg National Military Park. It’s haunted by ghosts of young soldiers ruthlessly ripped from this world too early and it’s full of history lessons. Also, civil war reenactments. Sounds like high romance.

Vivian Farmer
After reading books about far off places as a child, Vivian was hooked on travel writing. She traveled during her college years and wrote about wine, oil painting and wild hogs. She's planning her next adventures and writing about anything and everything travel related.