Australian Museum MONA Gives Up Ad Space for a Tasmanian Fish and Chip Commercial– the Result is Terrifying

Is it art? Advertising? Something else entirely?

We’re not sure, but we’re glad the Museum of Old and New Art, MONA, made this bizarre and incredibly uncomfortable-to-watch video of a fish and chip shop named Flippers.

The video quickly escalates in strangeness. It’s reminiscent of low budget car salesmen commercials, but the rambling voice-over and repeatedly whispered Flippers take a cheeky ad into new and terrifying territory.

MONA is no stranger to unsettling art. One of its tag-lines is “Mona – it’s not for everyone.” And if you Google their site, the description for the website says: “Mona: a museum, or something. In Tasmania, or somewhere. Catch the ferry. Drink beer. Eat cheese. Talk crap about art. You’ll love it.”

Interior of the Museum of Old and New Art MONA

If your geography is a little foggy, Tasmania is an island state of Australia and is located about 150 miles south of the the Australian mainland. MONA is somewhat of an underground museum with a playfully wicked vibe. It’s also one of the biggest draws to the island with a huge private collection of controversial and provocative art.

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