Cities with Amazing Public Transit– Travel Made Easy

Public transit is a traveler’s friend. Whether you’re spending a week in Paris or months backpacking through South America, buses and rail systems will get you where you need to go at a fraction of the cost of taxis or car rental.

Some places have public transit that ranks above the rest. Here are a few of the best public transit systems in the world.

Hong Kong

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The MRT does everything a good metro system should: it’s clean, easy to navigate, cheap and runs often. Then it goes the extra mile with small but useful perks. The MRT has free Wi-Fi in every station; shops, banks, and restrooms all throughout and even to-go restaurants near most of the station’s exists.


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Clean and extensive, you can get around the city center and several miles outside of the city easily. Berlin makes it easy to bicycle throughout the city as well and bus and rail routes connect to long distance transit systems that will get you throughout most of western Europe.


Seoul’s metro stations are tech heavy. The subways have cell service and Wi-Fi and many of the trains have TVs. Even the climate control system goes above and beyond with heated seats in the winter.


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Famously clean, Singapore’s transit systems handle a heavy load of passengers with ease. Singapore also offers deals for tourists. The tourist pass allows unlimited travel on the basic bus services and the MRT and LRT trains. A one-day pass is $10, two-day pass is $16 and a three-day pass is $20.


Visiting Madrid’s metro system is fun– it’s filled with art and some stations are so large that they hold public events with thousands of visitors. The metro system is extensive and there are suburban rail services as well. Madrid also has connections via high-speed rail to Seville and Barcelona, making it a transportation hub in Spain.