How A Travel Photographer Invented An Online Holiday Tradition

If you’re reading this, it may be too late for you. You’ve been hit by #PostHaunt.

A well known travel photographer who goes by the name, “Techno Paul” created a holiday 5 years ago that will haunt you (quite literally.) Just when you thought your Facebook memories have been tucked away in long forgotten albums, you thought wrong.

This is Techno Paul. The inventor of making you laugh by reliving hilarious moments when you thought you were cool on Facebook.

It all started 5 years ago when Paul decided it would be a fun idea to go around and like and comment on photos from what seemed like forever ago.

The result? Having these photos pop up in your Facebook newsfeed due to the algorithm – distributing it once again for all to see. Now, this isn’t entirely new – but Paul coined it as #PostHaunt, the day after Halloween where he goes around and haunts your old posts.

Why #PostHaunt?

  1. It’s the day post-halloween
  2. We dig up haunting posts.

Participation from everyone is encouraged. However Paul strongly wants you to consider what you bring back to life:

“Word of warning though: be smart what you dig up. There’s some things that don’t need to be made light of like old relationships. But those old scene kid photos are up for the taking!”

He went Live on Facebook and Instagram as a friendly reminder that today, was in-fact, the 5th anniversary of #PostHaunt.

“I used to be someone who was very insecure about how I looked and was always thinking about what others thought about me. It’s no way to live. In part #PostHaunt day has actually helped me and maybe other combat those fears and, as I say ‘not let those old posts haunt you again!’ ” he mentioned.

In his live video today, Paul brought up a great point: “sometimes, with Facebook, it becomes super political; and it just becomes super boring.” The initial discovery of Facebook repopulating old photos into the newsfeed when commented on was discovered by accident, but what a glorious accident it has become.

To participate in the #PostHaunt Holiday –

Option 1:

  1. Go to someones Facebook
  2. Click their profile photo
  3. Click the back arrow and it will take you to their first photo ever uploaded (unless they’ve deleted it since then.)
  4. Comment “Happy #PostHaunt”
  5. Typically people won’t know what that means and they will comment back on the photo, which then sends the photo into the newsfeed as a “conversation.”

Option 2:

  1. Go to someones Facebook
  2. View their timeline
  3. Pick a year on the right hand side, (2013, 2014, etc)
  4. Select a photo they uploaded during that time period
  5. Comment “Happy #PostHaunt”
  6. Similarly, people won’t know what that means and comment back on the photo, sending it back into the newsfeed as a “conversation” like in option 1.

Above we mentioned Paul is a well known travel photographer within the Instagram community. Similar to bringing fun to Facebook through #PostHaunt each year, he often goes live on Instagram and lets you travel with him to all his epic photoshoots.

Here are a few samples of his work below.

A post shared by Paul Tellefsen (@technopaul) on

A post shared by Paul Tellefsen (@technopaul) on

Give him a follow on Instagram @TechnoPaul, and Happy Haunting!

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