Missed Bastille Day? Recap with these beautiful photos

Bastille Day is France’s national day, commemorating the storming of the Bastille. It lands on July 14 every year but don’t worry if you missed it, we’ve gathered photos of francophones celebrating throughout the world.

Pour yourself a glass of wine, break out a baguette and brie and enjoy some Frenchy photos. From Paris to South Africa, there are Bastille Day celebrations around the world. You might just spot one close to you next year.



The largest Bastille Day celebration takes place in Paris, France, complete with fighter jets, fireworks, food and Fireman’s Balls– parties held at fire stations throughout Paris with accordion music and men in uniform.


🇫🇷 Souvenir du #14Juillet 😃 🇬🇧 Memory of #BastilleDay 😃 Crédit Photo : SETE / Bertrand Kulik / Ruggieri

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New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans celebrates Bastille Day with a block party in the Faubourg St. John Neighborhood on Ponce de Leon. The historic neighborhood was once home to families of French Creole aristocracy and many of the historic houses are visible today.


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*Looks up Common French Phrases* Bastille Day Block Party celebrations in Faubourg St. John. #bastilleday

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Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver’s festival goes all day long and includes a French market, beer garden and a wine and cheese festival.




Franschhoek, South Africa

This small town is located on South Africa’s Western Cape. Franschhoek is prime wine country and with a history tied to France, Franschhoek celebrates Bastille Day with wine (and wine-barrel rolling) and beautiful country-side views.




Auckland, New Zealand

A pet parade, a free French language class and roving mimes and musicians are a few of the fun festival things at Auckland’s Bastille Day celebration.


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