New Year, Not So New Traditions (Some are WTF)

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad from Pexels

This isn’t your New Year, new you social media resolution. These are some not so normal (to us) traditions that we definitely want to take part in. In the spirit of the New Year, let’s say goodbye to 2017 (debatably the worst year in a while) with some new ideas on how to celebrate.

Scarecrow Burning in Ecuador

Courtesy: Lead Adventures

Referred to as “los anos viejos” (the old years,) people in Ecuador make scarecrow or life-size dolls of important figures (good or bad) of people from the last year. These come both extremely decorated and bare bones, some even highlighting exact things that person had done in the previous year. The scarecrows are stuffed with paper. From there, you set them on fire as a symbol of being done with that individual. Some popular figures for 2017 New Years Eve will be Donald Trump and the not so famous Ecuadorian Judge. If burning a political figure isn’t your thing, you can always take a cartoon character like Phineas and Ferb or Homer Simpson.

Broken Plates in Denmark

Courtesy: Farm4, Flickr

Picture this – you wake up on New Year’s Day in Denmark to find the streets lined with smashed dishware all over your front door. People in Denmark save plates from the entire year so they can throw them at front doors of (you guessed it) your friends house. What’s the saying, “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer?”

Toss Appliances in South Africa

Courtesy: Money Debate

Are you currently still rocking some old AF appliances in your house? Take them with you to South Africa and throw them out the window on New Years eve. Out with the old (and if you can afford it) in with the new!

Gift Whiskey in Scotland

Courtesy: Visit Scotland

On New Year’s Eve in Scotland a celebration called “Hogmanay” or “first-footing” states the first member to step foot in the home on New Years day better have a gift of luck. What’s the most common gift? Whiskey. Is it too late to head that way for the tradition?

Single Games in Belarus

Still single? Find out if you’re going to get married in the coming year during a trip to Belarus for New Year’s. Place a pile of corn in front of each woman, and let go of a rooster. If it picks your pile of corn, you better start planning that wedding ASAP.

Group Kiss in St. Mark’s Square (Venice, Italy)

Courtesy: Venezia Unica

Well, this one’s self explanatory – but if you insist. No need to settle for that one special kiss when the clock strikes midnight. You can kiss your significant other while being smashed up against thousands of other people trying to do the same. (…you thought it was about a group makeout session.)

Have a special New Year’s tradition you practice each year? Share it with us! Just leave your “new year, new me” stuff at home – we’re already loathing seeing all the juice cleanse posts that are about to flood our newsfeed.


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