Things to Do, Traveler Edition

A world-wide view of things to see, do, and follow on social media, August 25-31, 2017.


Ganesh Chaturthi

Maharashtra and Goa, India                                                                                                   August 25-September 5

This Hindu festival honors the god Ganesha. Ganesha is the god of new beginnings and the remover of obstacles. He has the body of a man, the head of an elephant and 4 arms and is widely worshipped in the Hindu pantheon. Devotees feast, hold athletic events and erect temporary temples to celebrate Ganesha. The festival ends with the immersion of a clay idol into a nearby body of water. The clay dissolves, symbolically closing a week of celebration.


Notting Hill Carnival

London, England                                                                                                                             August 26-28

London’s biggest street party takes place during a holiday weekend. The party is Caribbean themed and people in the parade wear elaborate costumes with feathers, fabric, intricate jewelry and bright colors. The carnival was started in the 60s by the British West Indian community as a counter to violent racial attacks. Today, the festival is one of the largest street festivals in the world with live music, dancing, food and large colorful costumes.



Burning Man

Black Rock Desert, Gerlach, Nevada                                                                                     August 27-September 4

Burning man is a temporary city, a spiritual experience, a festival and an art installation all constructed in the middle of the Black Rock Desert. The event’s main purpose is to encourage community art and artists from around the world attend the event and construct experiential art. The event culminates with the burning of a giant cybernetic looking man. The sculpture has been 40 feet tall and is a little different every year. If you want to go, plan on some serious camping. The festival is fairly far from civilization.


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World Bog Snorkelling

Llanwrtyd Wells, Powys, Wales                                                                                                 August 28

Ah yes, swimming in muddy, cold waters in a bog with flippers and a snorkel– sounds like a good weekend, no? The World Bog Snorkelling (sic) competition is a unique swimming race where participants swim down a narrow channel, cut out of bog-land, as quickly as possible. Swimmers are not allowed to use any conventional swimming stroke. The only way they’re able to get down the bog and back is by kicking with fins and breathing through a snorkel. The fastest time down and back the 60-yard trench? One minute and 26 seconds.

If getting in murky bog water isn’t your thing, the festival has viewing areas, music and food.


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La Tomatina

Plaza del Pueblo, Bunol, Valencia, Spain                                                                               August 30

La Tomatina is an excuse for a sanctioned food fight. The biggest tomato fight in the world, this festival started in the 40s when a food fight broke out at a parade. The tradition stuck and now 20,000 people throw over 120,000 pounds of tomatoes at each other every year.


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