Things to Do, Traveler Edition

A world-wide view of things to see, do, and follow on social media, September 8-14, 2017.


Toronto International Film Festival

Toronto, Canada

September 7-17

Film buffs shouldn’t miss out on this massive, star-studded film festival. Toronto International Film Festival, or TIFF, rivals the Cannes Film Festival in prestige and quality of work. TIFF curates the best films from around the world for showings. There are also film releases and plenty of celebrity buzz. The atmosphere is more laid back than other comparable film festivals in Europe, leaving the focus all on the films.

New York Fashion Week

New York, New York

September 7-14

We’ve entered the fall fashion season, and New York kicks things off with its fashion week line-up. Some of the events are invite only, but there is plenty that you can get into. Dress up in your best digs, you never know who will see your street fashion. If you want to get in on the action but can’t make it to New York, Fashion Week Online is live streaming most of the shows.

Festival N°6

Portmeirion, Wales

September 7-10

The idyllic village of Portmeirion on Wales’ coast looks like a fairytale world. For 3 days every year, it hosts art installations, poetry readings and live music. The main stage is surrounded by mountains and there are picture-perfect woodlands around the festival. The event draws families and young people alike but is capped at around 10,000 attendees, making it a unique and pleasant festival experience.

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Americas and Europe


Ah yes, beautiful fall colors and excessive drinking. Oktoberest is here. Oktoberfest festivals traditionally start in September and last until the first few weeks of October. The tradition began as a giant wedding reception. In 1810, Prince Ludwig of Bavaria invited the entire population of Munich to celebrate his marriage to Princess Therese. A horserace was the central entertainment of the day, but the 40,000 guests that showed up also got rip-roaring drunk. The town had so much fun, they decided to do it again the next year. The tradition stuck and here we are today, dressed in lederhosen, singing German drinking songs and eating Turkey legs.


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