Dallas, Stop Asking Where to Go to Brunch. We Made This List For You.

Dallasites love a good brunch– especially after a night of craft cocktails in Uptown, dinner and drinks in Lower Greenville, and then more drinks somewhere in Deep Ellum. A plate of migas or huevos rancheros is just what the slightly hung-over need. Here are our staff picks for Brunch spots in the Big D.

Bread Winners


It’s the quintessential American brunch in an ivy covered brick building. You’ll feel classy. You’ll feel cute. And your Instagram (and stomach) will love you.



Bishop Arts District

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hattie’s is classy not trashy, my DFW peeps. It’s white table cloth fancy, and not the type of place you want to go if you’re balling on a budget. But if you want to feel like Audrey Hepburn straight out of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” then hattie’s is the place to go.


The Libertine Bar

Lowest Greenville

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This is the brunch for hangovers. The Libertine serves up breakfast fair with just the right amount of grease to soak up any remaining booze in your system. The dim atmosphere is also a bonus for anyone with a pounding headache looking to get out of the Texas sun.


Company Café & Bar

Lower Greenville

Brunch is normally reserved for weekends, but not at Company Café & Bar. This is the place to go if you have dietary restrictions. They serve up paleo bowls and gluten free options that are more than an afterthought.


Meso Maya


Meso Maya is a Mexican staple in the DFW area. Try the chorizo, corn hash, Migos– actually, just try it all.


Street’s Fine Chicken

Oak Loan

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Chicken and wafflus. Nuff said.


Spiral Diner

Oak Cliff
This unassuming joint serves up hearty vegan dishes that you wouldn’t know are vegan. Pancake stacks and tofu scrambles are skillfully seasoned to perfection. It’s good for you and it tastes good too.



Knox Henderson

This French inspired brunch is the touch of sophistication everyone needs. If you can, nab a seat on the patio, the seats, owning and decor are strait out of the streets of Paris.


Maple Leaf Diner

Preston Valley

Maple Leaf Diner is Canadian casual, but with an “everything is bigger in Texas” spin. As though chicken and waffles wasn’t enough by itself, they top the monstrosity with cream puffs on a stick. You’ll be full for the rest of the day.


Social House


If $10 mimosa carafes doesn’t sell you on this brunch I don’t know what will. Oh– maybe the “backyard” area with games like corn hole.



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