Eat at a mortuary and a 28 ft. tall cream can in the same day

Linger’s doesn’t cover up its morbid history, it embraces the story of the building, down to the bone.

Don’t be confused by the sign, which reads Olingers’ Mortuary. Located in the trendy lower highlands neighborhood in Denver, Colorado, Linger is an eating experience fit for the grim reaper. Linger’s restaurant is in what was a fully functioning mortuary.

The building was the home base of the largest mortuary business in Denver. The Olinger funeral empire serviced half of Denver at its height, and the building that is now Linger once held the body of Buffalo Bill.

If you visit in the evening, you’ll notice that only “Linger” lights up on the sign. If you look even closer, you can see that “mortuaries” has been altered to light up as “eatuaries.” The décor could have been overtly macabre but instead, the large dark building is filled with little touches that remind you, yes, you’re eating in a former mortuary but hey, the food is good.

The menu is absent of kitsch names. Instead, each section of the menu is a different area of the world and the dishes are inspired by street food. Order several of the tapas-style plates and enjoy them with a group, The large garage doors that once let hearses through are open when the weather is nice and there is rooftop seating with views of the area.


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Lingers doesn’t strive to be creepy, but the staff have plenty of spooky stories. If you feel a little haunted during your dinner, you don’t have to stay for dessert. Across the street is a yummy pick-me-up. Little Man Ice Cream serves homemade ice cream sandwiches out of a 28ft. tall cream can. The smell of freshly baked waffle cones is enticing enough, and the sheer novelty of ordering ice cream from a giant cream can rounds off the experience.

Linger at Linger (and make plenty of jokes about “food to die for,”) and then indulge in ice cream and cookies for an eating experience you’re not soon to forget.


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