F– Yeah Food! –the Kringle

Holy shit snacks, are you ready for the Nordic variety of a pretzel that you didn’t know you needed in your mouth, until now?

Enter, the Kringle, the pretzel shaped, flakey desert that’s like a doughnut, but bigger. There are many different varieties, fillings, and doughs– but you can google that. The real question is does it taste good?

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Ok, full disclosure, I haven’t tried the damn thing myself. But that’s not of my own volition. Kringle, in the United States, are the specialty of Racine, Wisconsin. I’m way the fuck away in Dallas, Texas, and Dallas is not known for its European bakery scene. Woe is the person looking for any authentic European baked goods. You’re just not going to find them.

Racine, Wisconsin lays claim to the best Kringle in the country thanks to the large Danish immigrant community that moved there over 80 years ago and brought the delicious Kringle with them. Bendtsen’s Bakery makes the pastry completely by hand, one of the last bakeries to do so.

And, it’s no wonder why.

Making Kringles requires flattening out a mound of pillow-sized fleshy dough, smashing and pushing a pig-thigh’s amount of butter into the middle, mixing and flattening the dough-butter mix again and then folding the entire thing into 36 layers.

The Wisconsin variety is the shape of a large oval, not the traditional pretzel shape. I’m sure most of us don’t care what shape it comes in as long as it’s the sweet, mouth-watering, potentially diabetes-causing desert that it looks like.

Kringles get a boost in popularity around the holidays, and O&H Danish Bakery gives a delightful reason why:

” ‘Hygge’ (pronouned ‘hoo-ga’) means creating a nice, warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life. The warm glow of candlelight is hygge. Friends and family, that is hygge too. And let us not forget eating and drinking, preferably sitting around the table for hours on end, discussing the big and small things in life.”

If Kringle is so good that it gives warm and fuzzy feelings, then it is definitely a fuck yeah food.

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