Do you need a wine map? Yes. Yes you do.

Who needs a wine map of the world? Everyone.

“Do you love wine,” is a silly question. You like wine. You might not have had the wine that you like. But there is a wine out there for you.

And now you winos and wine newbies can decorate your house with wine maps of the world.

These colorful maps from Wine Folly detail where each wine grape is grown. Even if you don’t recognize the grape varieties, these clean maps will look impressive hanging in your house. You don’t have to know your shit to look smart (that’s what Google is for.)

California wine map by Wine Folly

Twenty maps detail some of the most important wine producing areas in the world. Wine Folly says:

“The project has been an effort of about 2 years of work, from collecting data of the various wine producing regions to building a set of design rules that could be translated to any wine region of the world.”

Wine map of Spain by Wine Folly

That was two years well spent. Drink up some sweet (or dry) wine knowledge.