5 Coffee Shops that will make you forget about the coffee

There are bougie coffee shops, and then there are coffee shops that take the café experience so far, you’ll probably forget you’re getting coffee. Check out these cafés for a coffee experience outside of the ordinary.

Heart Coffee Roasters

Portland, Oregon

Portland doesn’t make it easy to forget about coffee. Their love for the bitter drink boarders on fanatical. But Heart Coffee Roasters has a house drink that will change your conception of coffee.

Heart Coffee Roasters’ Affogato is a delicious take on an Italian classic. Homemade coconut ice cream is topped with a smooth shot of espresso. The result is light and refreshing.

Dreamy Camera Café

Yangpyeong, South Korea

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This is a coffee shop inside a giant camera. And it’s not in the middle of a bustling city or trendy spot. It’s almost in the middle of nowhere. A South Korean couple built the 2-story camera-coffee shop based on a Rolleiflex camera that they own.

The best part about this camera-café isn’t the distinct camera exterior or the coffee brewed inside. Guests are encouraged to take a selfie with a polaroid camera and then write their dreams on the picture and hang it up inside. Cute and uplifting.

The Coffee Academics

Hong Kong

These baristas are intimidating. They know coffee. You can indulge in lattes brewed in a glas-blown Chemex (what even is that?). Such lattes are sweetened with organic raw agave nectar and spiced with ground black pepper. The combination sounds odd, but they are the coffee experts.

Apart from coffee that makes you wonder if it’s coffee anymore, there’s the crazy trendy interior. It’s just cultivated and busy enough to work.

The Café at The Grounds of Alexandria

Sydney, Australia

The interior looks like you’re in someone’s catalog perfect kitchen complete with clean white backsplashes and potted plants that aren’t drying up.

Then there are the pets. Kevin Bacon the pig and the goats Goldy Horn and Margoat Robbie call The Café at the Grounds home. Coffee shop or petting zoo? Nobody said you can’t have both.

27. Café and Bakery

Beijing, China

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This café’s main purpose isn’t coffee. The space was created with the idea of a healthy area, complete with plants to filter the air and plentiful natural light. It’s visually pleasing and good for you.