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There’s no time like a long weekend to dig deep into some good reading. Sunday afternoons, you can find me curled up with a stack of magazines or a long article on my phone. Take the pause the weekend provides for a moment to reflect and relax.

While most of our content here at is made to be a quick read, we do have some writing chops that we bring out when the subject is right.

Venture deep into the jungle with UFC fighter Justin Wren on his quest to aid the Mbuti Pygmies. Road-trip out to Kansas’ 4 corners, there is much more to the state than just corn. Taste the food of Italy and discover if the country’s food traditions are slipping away. Follow backpacker Ashley Lipasek as she hikes Peru’s mountains on a shoestring budget. Finally, enjoy the scenic route in Hillside Colorado, a tiny town that is building a future for itself.

Re-Imagining Travel: The UFC’s Justin Wren, saving lives and fighting for the pygmies deep in the Congolese Jungle

“We had to know why. We had to know his story, in depth, and find out what drove this man from the mixed martial arts mat into the farthest reaches of the Congolese jungles. What was he in search of? Is he Kurtz on a journey into the Heart of Darkness? Is he running from something? What started this travel story, and where has it taken him? What’s changed and how?”

Courtesy of Justin Wren.
Courtesy of Justin Wren.

The 4 corners of Kansas 

“The town’s welcome-sign claim of viewing four states at once (Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska) is heavily debated among visitors, however, there is no challenging the beauty of this overlook.”

Quivira National Wildlife Refuge in Kansas.
Quivira National Wildlife Refuge in Kansas.

The changing food scene of Italy

“Originally, Florentine dishes used cheap cuts of meat. Today, those same cuts of meat such as the lungs, heart, and liver, are sold less often than compared to 30 years ago. Television has also influenced a shift in perceptions about meat. The media and television ‘gave us the conviction that different kinds of cuts are better,’ Alex Soderi said.”

Florence, Italy, 2016. Photo by Vivian Farmer.
Photo by Vivian Farmer

The attainable bucket list adventure: Peru

“You will find yourself praying to Pachamama, the goddess of Earth, when you hike Peru. Especially if you visit during the rainy season when all you want are sunny, blue skies. When you’re drenched head to toe from cold Peruvian showers, you’ll consider afternoon prayer sessions.”

Ashley Lipasek hiking Machu Picchu.

Hillside Colorado: Building a future with remnants of the past

“With about three hundred P.O. Boxes and a small general store, locals, farmers, and ranchers frequent the post office not just to get their mail, but also to catch up with each other.”

Colorado. Photo by Abby Mortenson.


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