Meet Lor Glitz, a Traveler Who Finds Locals Wherever She Goes

Lor Glitz makes an experience out of every trip she takes. Bubbly and energetic, Glitz’ abundant love for life seeps through every post she makes. Of course, travel isn’t always sunshine and roses, but Glitz highlights the happy times. She works to show the positive impact travel has on life and to inspire others to travel.

We talked to Lor Glitz about her life, travel and what keeps her feeling young and full of energy.

Tell me a little about yourself:

I am originally from Malta, a very tiny island in the Mediterranean just beneath Sicily. We have over 300 days of summer and it feels like I am on holiday all year round. A dream for some, however it has its pitfalls too as I miss the difference in seasons.

It is naturally a holiday destination for many due to its climate, safety, parties & our rich history. Some of our temples are older than the pyramids. Not many know this, but my geek inside me comes out when I start talking about history hence my love for traveling and exploring.

I have seen most of Europe, lived in Italy, England, Scotland and on the other party island Ibiza. Naturally, this has left me with a sense of feeling that home is no longer home anymore but home is now in many places. I met incredible people through my time away with which I am still in touch and often like to meet in different cities. I love seeing all my birthday wishes coming in from all continents & at different time zones. Planning trips becomes easier too as you get tips from locals, which you can’t get from books and other sources.

My favorite side of the world is South America, I love the Latino life and the passion they have for music, food and sports. I watched the world cup in Sao Paolo & Rio, fell in love with Brazil and returned a few months later to experience their legendary Carnival and I danced at the Sambadromo!

You said you love anything that is colorful. Can you explain that a little more for me?

Oh yes I do, I love anything that is bright, sparkly and camp!

I am definitely the brightest one at the office, even brighter than the Scandinavian lads at the office who love their pastel shirts and Bermudas. My favorite color is blue. I love every shade of blus. Be it turquoise shades that represent summer, to the darker midnight blues which remind me of crisp cold nights in winter around Christmas. I also mentioned above that I miss the difference in season and part of that is that I miss the rusty Autumn colors or colorful roads covered in spring flowers.

What got you into documenting your travels?

It all started by chance, people always commented about my pictures on facebook and how I turn any holiday into an experience. Every time I travel, I try and involve concerts, sports events, musicals and a bit of adventures. I am not the kind of traveler who would camp by rivers anymore, I did that in the past but lately I am enjoying the luxurious things which I could not afford before.

Many have encouraged me to start documenting my experiences and therefore last year I decided to do it. My aim is not to get freebies but to inspire women and men who work their butt off, love their career, perhaps they are also single and don’t wait around to go explore or enjoy a trip on their own. The world has become smaller and I am a living example of it as wherever I go, I tend to do a check-in on facebook and ask if anyone is around and there is always someone I know.

There are obviously a few “haters” who would say “do you really have to let the world know what you are doing all the time?” To which I answer “Many people love to get ideas, those who don’t, can always click the unfollow button.”

My answer might sound arrogant but I am not looking for popularity, my aim is to show others what the world has to offer and to get out of their comfort zone. Some people don’t have the time or cant afford the places I visit so I provide a feast for their eyes.

What is one of your strongest/favorite travel memories?

The list is endless, Ibiza tops the list as I loved it so much that I stayed there for 2 years! However, I believe Rio would be one that I never thought I would experience the way I did.

People normally go to Brazil for big events like Carnival, but it’s not every day that you get to be part of the show and for that reason, I pick Rio.

Anything else you’d like people to know?

Me? Say something? I always have a lot to say! I will not say much about me, but more about what keeps me young at heart and full of energy.

Energies are real. Surround yourself with positive ones. Negative people drain us.

Dream big. Age is literally just a number. If you want to quit your job to go traveling, do it.

Experiences are far more important as those are the moments we will think of when we are having a low time. They turn us into story tellers to those who want to know how we did it. Be loyal, show emotions and be hungry for love and living a life with no limits.

Last but not least, judge less. Lately I see different types of travelers judging each other on Instagram way too much. We all love things differently and we ought to respect how we document things.


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