Stories for a Long Weekend (Don’t Feel Guilty– You’ve Earned It)

It’s here– a long weekend– and that means time to shirk responsibilities and catch up on all the things you actually love to do. Like watch a buffalo herd run inches from an RV Nomad or scroll through adorable dog Instagram accounts. Let the foodie side of you envy over the best margaritas around and the number one BBQ joint in a state that’s crazy about BBQ (run by an unlikely pit master). And if all that isn’t enough, there’s always that listicle you didn’t know you needed (this one is complete with breathtaking travel photos). Kick back and enjoy the time off– you’ve earned it.

RV Nomads and life on the road

Dave and Doni


This one’s about two people and a passion for hiking. Look at that photo. Look at it. They took that. Too cool to be real? David and Doni found a way to make it work. Read more… 

Dogs Who Travel

Photo by pawsthatwander.

These dogs have more frequent flier miles than you. Read more…

Snow’s BBQ

Snow's BBQ
By Jonathan Greer.

Bring on the meat sweats. This little ‘ol story here is about giant plates of BBQ. Read more…

Best Margaritas

taqueria la ventana
Courtesy of laventanatacos.

I mean, you have to try them all, right? Read more…

Top Destinations of 2018

Photo by Henrique Ferreira on Unsplash. Seville, Spain, Spanish, architecture, cityscape, sunset
Photo by Henrique Ferreira.

Yeah, you’re going to want to see these. Read more…