These earbuds are a game changer for travelers

Google’s new earbuds, Pixel Buds have a feature that’s incredibly useful for travelers. The earbuds can translate in real time.

Hand someone your phone with google translate pulled up and, as they talk into your phone, you’ll hear the translated version in your years.

Tap an earbud and talk, and the phone will speak a translated version out to the other person.

CNET’s Sean Hollister tries the Pixel Buds, Google’s first wireless headphones.

The translations aren’t perfect, but it works well enough for everyday questions and conversations.

Google translate has more comprehensive knowledge of some languages, like Spanish and English, than other languages. But as Google translate continues to learn, the translations will get better.

There are 2 major drawbacks– you must be connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data for it to work and it only works with Google’s phone, the pixel first or second generation.

If this feature is ever available on other devices, it could be a helpful tool for travelers in need of a little translation help. Those of us without a pixel will simply have to use google’s translation app without the cool earbuds.