A travel app that aims to make business travel “buttery smooth”

Business travelers probably travel the most but their type of travel isn’t well covered. It’s not very glamorous to talk about how to stay warm in overly air-conditioned conference rooms or what to do when all your clothes are wrinkled and the hotel iron isn’t working. Luckily for you road warriors, there’s an app that’s trying to make your life a little easier.

Photo by marcus zymmer on Unsplash. Airplane, runway
Photo by marcus zymmer on Unsplash.

Lola, a travel app created by the people at KAYAK, is a booking and concierge service. More than that though, the app learns what airlines and hotels your company uses and finds you the best deals based off your interests. For instance, if you like trendy spots with cool architecture, Lola will try to find hotel deals that also incorporate those criteria.

The app also connects you via text to travel consultants. Not a bot, but a real-life, flesh-and-blood travel consultant. You can text your travel consultant if you’ll be checking in late, or if you need help with transportation or anything else during your journey that you need help with. And you can reach out any time, 24/7.

Lola co-founder Paul English emphasized the need to combine AI with actual humans.

I downloaded the app to try for myself and can say, it’s easy to use and offers the bonus of getting you 100% of your loyalty points. It did crash once, but that could just be my glitchy phone. Although I don’t have any trips to book at the moment, I’ll give it a full-on whirl when I do.