5 travel gadgets to make life a little easier

Unmet needs make traveling a pain. Maybe it’s wrinkly shirts, dead phone batteries or frustrating miscommunications that are putting a damper on your trip. These 5 gadgets help with those problems and more.

World’s smallest steam iron

Steamfast sf-717No more wrinkly shirts for you! The steadfast SF-717 home-and-away mini steam iron  is a compact fix for all of your ironing needs. And it’s incredibly cute. It heats up quickly and even holds a little water so you can steam out wrinkles. If you’re traveling domestically, you probably don’t need this little guy, but international travelers may want to invest.


Carry on cocktail kit

carry on cocktail kit

Ok, you don’t need this item, but who of us hasn’t gotten on a plane and thought, “I need a good drink”? Huckberry’s carry on cocktail kit is small enough to fit in your back pocket, and it includes all of the ingredients (excluding the alcohol itself) for a delicious cocktail. The old fashion version includes a recipe card, spoon/muddler, aromatic bitters, cane sugar and a linen coaster. Each piece is decorated with a little plane and there are several options: gin and tonic, Bloody Mary, hot toddy, and Moscow mule.

A water bottle that purifies water

CamelBak all clear UV purifierIf you’re traveling to areas where the drinking water isn’t safe, you’ll need to stick to bottled water. Bottled water adds up, but you can cut down on cost and stay safe with CamelBak’s All Clear UV Purifier. The bottle has a rechargeable UV light that kills bacteria and pathogens. It works on tap water and clear natural water sources.



Communicate without saying a word


Pantomiming will only get you so far. If you don’t speak the language or recognize any written symbols of a language, getting around can be really tough. MeNoSpeak created phrase books that have pictures, English phrases, and the language you are trying to communicate with. The best part about these communication companions is that they have a comprehensive food and drink section to help you get away from tourist traps and try some of the local fare. The books were created by a world traveling couple. There are guides for Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, Turkey, Italy and France and Spanish speaking countries.

Never be bored on a flight

HooToo created  a wifi router that can charge 2 devices at once, convert net cable into wifi, share wifi connections between multiple devices, become your personal cloud storage, and Chromecast movies from a usb or external hard drive to your phone or laptop. Basically, it does it all.