Week in Review: Traveler’s Edition

From wine tours to hot springs to some delicious farm-to-table food, we’ve got a little bit of everything for you this week. Spend your Sunday evening reading about the next places you’re going to visit.


How a Travel Photographer Invented an Online Holiday

“A well known travel photographer who goes by the name, “Techno Paul” created a holiday 5 years ago that will haunt you (quite literally.) ”


Farm to Table Food in East Dallas

“The true stand out is the biscuit. The buttery biscuits from the kitchen are absolute heaven . . . so heavenly that it’s a smart decision to order one on the side with house-made apple butter.”

Photo by Jonathan Greer. Garden Cafe, Dallas, Texas, 2017.

Nope– This is not a Tropical Beach Destination in Mexico

It’s in Michigan. Really.

torch lake

8 Texas Towns You have to Visit

You probably know of the big ones– Austin, San Antonio, Houston– but there are plenty of  small towns that have attractions worth a stop (including some of the best BBQ around.)

8 Texas Towns you have to visit

This Isn’t Napa– Get Your Wine on at this Texas Wine Tour

Texas has wine and it’s worth a sip. Prepare yourself for wines that are similar to Spanish and Portuguese varieties and beautiful venues in Texas hill country (yes, that is a real thing.)

Photo by Matthieu Joannon on Unsplash. Wine, winery
Photo by Matthieu Joannon on Unsplash

Vivian Farmer
After reading books about far off places as a child, Vivian was hooked on travel writing. She traveled during her college years and wrote about wine, oil painting and wild hogs. She's planning her next adventures and writing about anything and everything travel related.