Week in Review: Traveler’s Edition

Read about the most haunted places around the world, places to get good eats and coffee shops that are outside the norm and help us spread awareness of the missing person Jesse Galganov.


When Dreary Fall Weather Hits, Head to this German-American Deli

“As downtown San Antonio has grown into a gigantic tourism and convention hub, Schilo’s has been a mainstay, holding strong in its current location since 1942.”

Shilo's in San Antonio. Photo by Jonathan Greer.
Shilo’s in San Antonio. Photo by Jonathan Greer.


7 of the Most Haunted Places in the World

“Hauntings happen everywhere, these are just a few of the most note-worthy. Visit them if you dare.”

Creepy, fog. landscape, halloween Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash.
Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash.


Why Jesse Galganov is All of Us

“If you’ve ever taken a trip abroad, you know the look your family and loved ones give you when you set off on an adventure. Jesse isn’t just a kid from Montreal – he’s all of us.

“He’s every adventure trip we’ve ever dreamed of taking. He’s all of our hopes and dreams and aspirations to see the world; to gain worldly experience before setting foot into our lifelong careers.

“Help us find Jesse. #HelpUsFindJesse”

Jesse Galganov, 22 is missing.


5 Coffee Shops that Will Make You Forget About the Coffee

“There are bougie coffee shops, and then there are coffee shops that take the café experience so far, you’ll probably forget you’re getting coffee. Check out these cafés for a coffee experience outside of the ordinary.”

Cafe, coffee, unsplash photo


All Hail the Food Hall

“If you’re strapped for time and want to explore a cities culinary exploits, food halls are your best option.”


Finding Prince: Dog-Friendly Road Trip in West Virginia

West Virginia is a pet-friendly paradise with outdoor adventures and scenic road-trip routes. It’s also where one sweet pooch found his way...

Utah’s Dark Skies: Canyonlands National Park

Take in the skies while floating and hiking in Labyrinth Canyon. Sights include towering canyon walls, remnants from early river runners...

Where America’s Day Begins – Exploring Guam

Here, visitors can snorkel with darting fish in brilliant coral reefs and scuba dive to shipwrecks, explore a WWII museum and stunning...

This 16-Story Castle in Colorado is a Sight to Behold

Did we mention the fire-breathing dragon? Why travel abroad to visit storybook castles that housed famous (and infamous) royals...