5 Places Where Dogs Rule

We’ve covered dogs who travel more than you and the most dog-friendly places in Dallas. We thought it was about time to cover places that top dog’s travel lists. These places don’t just accommodate dogs, they love dogs and put pooches first.

Mutt Lynch Winery, Windsor, California

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The tag-line for this winery is “Bark Less, Wag More!” so you know they know what’s up.

The owner and winemaker, Brenda Lynch, combined her two passions: wine and dogs. And we thank you for that Brenda. You can try a wine tasting flight while your pooch samples a complimentary dog treat tasting. It’s really the best of both worlds.

Lake Tahoe, California

Best. Walk. Ever. At least, that’s what your dog will be thinking while they explore the miles of trails around Lake Tahoe. The lake is open year-round and dogs can swim in the lake and ride the gondola cars (with their human) for more hiking fun. Not all the beaches are dog friendly, but this article does a good job of covering where dogs are welcome.


The café culture of Amsterdam is pet-friendly and many of the restaurants are happy to accommodate dog-guests. But it’s the dog parks in Amsterdam that make this city dog friendly. Vondelpark, Flevopark, Westerpark and Oosterpark are dog friendly parks near Amsterdam’s city center. During the summer, Flevopark has a swimming area for dogs. And if parks and cafés aren’t enough, consider taking a boat tour of city’s famous canals. Private tours usually allow dogs.

Southern Utah

Southern Utah is a hidden gem of outdoor beauty, and your dog will appreciate it just as much as you do. Even with the park rules (which keep the nature safe and your pup safe), you and your dog will have a blast exploring it all– and there’s a lot. From shifting, coral pink sand dunes to freshwater lakes, views you thought could only be found in the Grand Canyon, and camping under the open sky, your best friend will have the adventure of their life.

Dog Bark Park Inn

This Airbnb in Cottonwood, Idaho is a celebration of all things dog. It’s obvious from the exterior that you’re in for a treat, and the dog theme doesn’t stop at the beagle-shaped building. The interior is decorated with all things dog. It goes without saying that this place is dog friendly with plenty of land for your pooches to roam and complimentary dog treats. The big beagle-shaped house is known as Sweet Willy by locals, but your dog will just know it as the best vacation ever.