This is the crazy skier from the videos you’ve seen

So you’ve seen that video of the skier, skiing down things that aren’t snow right? He rushes down the Great Wall of China, through jungles and even “surfs” the ocean, all on skis.

Who is this guy? And why is he skiing over things that aren’t meant to be skied over?

That crazy athletic skier is Candide Thovex, a French-born thrill-enthusiast that gets his kicks from freestyle skiing.

Thovex’s professional career started in 1997, and he quickly became well known in the professional skiing world. He even garnered the nickname “the flying Frenchman.”

Thovex retreated from public scrutiny after sustaining an injury in 2008 and began work on documenting skiing in wild, untamed places.

His first film of mountain freestyle skiing was called “Candide Kamera.” He continued skiing and filming his exploits and he garnered international success with the 2012 documentary “Few Words.”

Thovex’s irreverent skiing style began to really shine through with his short 4 minute piece “One of those days.” Filmed entirely with a helmet mounted camera, “One of those Days” is Thovex having fun in a way that only a skier of his caliber can do. He flies between other skiers and flips over obstacles. In “One of those days 2,” Thovex dodges trees, flies through a small natural tunnel in the mountain side, and skies through an outdoor café packed with people.

The Audi commercial you’ve watched Thovex ski through is just his latest viral sensation. Keep skiing Thovex, we love watching it.