The Hauntings of the St. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida

St.Augustine Florida is a picturesque town with a wicked and at times gruesome past. St.Augustine can be found along the Atlantic coast in St. John’s county in Florida. Often considered one of the oldest towns in America it is also considered among the most haunted. A past littered with horrific stories of love, revenge, and death.

The Hauntings of the St.Augustine Lighthouse, Fl

One of the most famous sites in St. Augustine is the St.Augustine lighthouse. Built in 1824. Beautiful from a distance it too has its own chilling history. It was even featured on the popular show Ghost Hunters.

When the lighthouse was being built there was a terrific and tragic accident. Five children were riding in a cart that was bringing supplies. The cart overturned and the children were dumped into the unforgiving waters. Three of the children drowned as a result and it has been said that they can be heard playing around the grounds and even peering from the windows of the lighthouse.

It is not uncommon for visitors and employees to hear and see unexplained things in and around the lighthouse and it’s museum.

There have also been many reports of the smell of cigar smoke around the lighthouse tower. Often attributed to the spirit of a previous lighthouse keeper Peter Rasmussen. Still doing his job even in death.

There is a spirit that those that work within the lighthouse have named Andrew. It is often believed when things come up missing or suddenly move it is Andrew who is to blame.

At one time in history, the keeper’s house was rented out as apartments and the apparition of a young girl in period clothes was often spotted.

Among other spirits is the man in blue, an apparition that appears in what was the basement.

It has been said the original owner of the lighthouse Dr. Alan Ballard was forced into selling the lighthouse to the government. Enraged he vowed to never leave the lighthouse. It seems he holds true to that vow as his appropriation has been reported many times. Scowling face and all.

It should be noted none of these spirits seem particularly vicious or harmful.

Many claim to get goosebumps and chilled feelings in the lighthouse itself. It seems to be a center for paranormal activity and draws in professionals and novices alike. Historians also find value in the site. these are just a few of the reported witnessed haunting, there may be much more. It certainly paints a picture of a rich past, one worth getting to know.

There are many tours in St.Augustine featuring the lighthouse. The lighthouse itself offers a tour and has a museum and gift shop. Small fees apply for the tours. For whatever reason, one chooses to visit the lighthouse they are sure to find something they enjoy and perhaps a spooky story of their own to tell!