Hit the Trail in Beautiful Bandera Texas

Leave your office behind and head out to a place where the sun hits the fields and turns the whole world gold for a second. You can feel it from the back of a horse, sway too and fro, birds call and tall grass tickles, a cool breezes ruffles your hair then you’re off down the trail.

Bandera is a true escape. About an hour away from San Antonio and a central spot for exploring Texas Hill Country putting it at the heart of wine country and the gorgeous foliage of Lost Maples.

Visitors fall in love with the hiking, biking and the quirky atmosphere at the heart of the town. But we were drawn to the horses– and you will be too.

Texas Cowboys

Bandera’s claim to fame is the “Cowboy Capitol of the World.” Ranching isn’t just a tourist attraction, it’s a tradition.

And you want that tradition when you’re choosing a trail ride. Knowledgeable ranchers effortlessly match riders to horses and know right where to head for the most beautiful scenery. Bandera’s hill country is full of lush green hills, shallow streams and Instagram-worthy surprises around every bend.

Whether on foot, bike or horseback, Bandera’s trails get you out of the digital work cycle. You might be an email maverick but that attention comes at a cost, losing touch with yourself, your needs, and the people around you.

Detox from it. A trail ride is one of the best ways to let go, out in nature and working with an animal. It’s calming but not boring. Work but not exhausting.

Not all trail rides are made equal. Some are just plain boring, taking you on an uninspiring loop of a field. But the ranches around Bandera are special. The people care about the horses, the land and the experience. It’s part of their history and something they take pride in. So get out there, relieve all of that pent up stress.

Where the Trail Starts

These are a few favorites, although just about anywhere you go in Bandera is friendly, welcoming and ready for a good time.

Juniper Hill Stables

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People can’t say enough good stuff about Eileen and her horses. Trail rides are tailored to rider’s needs, the horses are happy, healthy and well-trained, and Eileen loves to share her extensive knowledge of the land.

Bandera Historical Rides

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Bring all of your western dreams to life, ride into town like an old-time cowboy. Bandera Historical Rides leads trail rides all over the Texas Hill Country. Their trail in Bandera starts in City Park and continues with a ride into town with stops at the major historical sites.

Mayan Ranch

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Dude ranch history is given a modern facelift at this ranch. Cowboys lead trail rides twice a day except for Sundays and everything is full of Texas charm. Indulge in the homemade dinners and nightly entertainment on the ranch– you’ll feel recharged and ready for anything.