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Fort Worth by Mechele Williams

What to do in Fort Worth

It might be known for cows but there’s more to cowtown than just cattle.

The biggest food fight you’ll be a part of

La Tomatina, Spain, July 20, 2010. Photo by MikeJamieson(1950).
La Tomatina, Spain, July 20, 2010. Photo by MikeJamieson(1950).

La Tomatina started in the 1940s as a food fight during a parade. The tradition stuck and 20,000 people flood the area on the last Wednesday of August to pelt each other with tomatoes.

Best beer cities

We’re crazy for craft beer and now, every city has its own brews. What sets a city apart and makes it part of the top 10 best beer cities to visit?

The freshest food you’ll ever eat

Italy is known for it’s cuisine but this small farming estate brings guests food from the farm to the table.

The butcher's apprentice shows us cured meats.


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