This Hot Spring Should Be At The Top Of Your Travel List

There are some pretty damn cool hot springs in the world, but they all don’t come with a color palette that looks like something in Santorini. Before you get all “I knew it,” it’s not in Santorini.


A town in western Turkey that is now most famous for its hot springs.

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Pamukkale borders an ancient Roman city you’ve probably heard of, Hierapolis. Also known for it’s spa qualities, but dating back to 190BC. (Old AF but beautiful as hell.)

Not only are the waters warm, but they are mineral rich for your skin. No need to get into a beer bath or wine bath and get all sticky like those other people.

It may take you a long time to get here, but once you’re here it’s cheap to say. You can snag a 4 star hotel for $30. Yep, you can ball on that budget.

Think you want to check it out for yourself?

Let your friends know this is your 2018 trip so your insta-game can be on point by truly meaning #NoFilter – Pamukkale doesn’t need one.